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Wakefield Jr Warriors Basketball

Wakefield JR Warriors Travel Basketball is a division of the Wakefield Basketball Association 

The WBA Travel Program provides two teams by grade for boys and girls.  All teams will participate in a league schedule as well as play in various tournaments during the season.

Our goal is to teach our participants the fundamental skills and principles of basketball, as well as the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, responsibility and working towards their goals.




Travel Tryouts:

Americal Civic Center

Saturday 9/18

Girls 8-9:00am

Girls 7-10:00am

Boys 8-11:00am

Boys 7-12:00pm

Girls 4-1:00pm

Boys 4-2:00pm

Girls 5-3pm

Girls 6-4pm

Boys 5-5pm

Boys 6-6pm

Sunday 9/19

Girls 4-9:00am

Girls 5-10:00am

Girls 6-11:00am

Girls 7-12:00pm

Girls 8-1:00pm

Boys 4-2pm

Boys 5-3pm

Boys 6-4pm

Boys 7-5pm

Boys 8-6pm